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The inspectors of AA Home Inspections have backgrounds and histories in the construction industry.  We are experienced in all types of residential construction and remodels as well as commercial and industrial construction.  So when we look at something we know not only what we are looking at but we know how it got there and if it is done right. 

AA Home Inspections was established with the mission of educating and protecting property buyers. That mission continues to be a driving force through today. AA Home Inspections has always put the interests of our clients first. We do not have any "special" relationships with real estate agents and always give our clients the option of being on the premises during inspection.

AA Home Inspections is a family owned, family operated business. We are willing to go the extra mile for our customers, and we take great pride in doing things properly. We are very flexible in scheduling your inspection to meet your time constraints.
We offer telephone consultations before and after the inspection at no extra charge.  

When we inspect a new home, we offer a complimentary walk through at no additional charge when the home is eleven months old, which can help you identify any problems that may need to be resolved before the builders warranty expires.
Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive report detailing any aspects of your home that require your attention. We inspect your home the same way we would inspect our own home.

We use cutting-edge technology to bring you the most comprehensive inspection results. We are experienced with both residential and commercial property inspections. We understand the needs of today's investor and always know what to look for in an investment property. We also know how important a home is. We make sure your house can be the home of your dreams.

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