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About AA Home Inspections?


My name is Robert Bittle and I'm a semi-retired building contractor, and the current president of AA Home Inspections Company, LLC  (AAHIC).  As a project manager, I took projects from dirt to turn-key and built hundreds of homes, industrial and commercial buildings including:

  • Single Family Residential Houses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Movie Theatres
  • College Dormitories
  • College and Public Libraries
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Stores
  • Football Fields and Stadiums
  • Basketball Courts and Stadiums
  • Restaurants
  • Motels
  • Multi-Family Apartment Buildings

In 2008, I was able to retire from the construction industry and move into the inspection industry.    The experience of managing projects that I received in the construction industry made the move to the inspection industry feel like a natural progression.  Since that move to the inspection industry, AAHIC has inspected thousands of buildings, residential houses, apartment buildings, and many commercial and industrial buildings of different types.  We will put this experience to work for you! 

 AAHIC is a family owned and family operated business.  We are willing to go the extra mile for our customers, and we take great pride in doing things right. We are very flexible in scheduling your inspection to meet your time constraints. 

The property buying process doesn't need to be stressful and complicated. Choosing a qualified, honest, and experienced home inspector  will give you the knowledge and confidence  that you need to make sound real estate purchasing decisions. At AAHIC, our comprehensive inspections and commitment to honesty and accuracy  brings peace of mind to every client.  

What is a Home Inspection?


AAHIC's inspection is an analysis of potential hazards or home safety and health risks for you and your family.  When anything that may be a current problem or a potential problem with a house.   An inspection is neither an engineering analysis nor a guarantee that hidden problems won't surface at a later date. AAHIC does a home inspection, we make every effort to uncover 


An inspection may uncover minor problems, and sometimes major problems, with a building/structure that the homeowner may not normally notice. Many times the inspection will uncover minor problems that can be easily resolved before they become a major expense. The inspection may also uncover safety issues. 


At AAHIC, we take the time to do the job right. We will spend time with you to clearly explain our findings, giving you real answers that can help you make the right decision. 

We understand  how important a real estate purchase is to you. Once our thorough inspection is complete, we will provide a complete report . The report will include photos, the current condition with a detailed list of deficiencies and explanations on how to address these issues.  We don't consider a job to be complete until all of your questions have been answered. 

At AAHIC, we don't answer to anyone but you. We do not have any personal relationships with real estate agencies, mortgage brokers, or anyone involved in the real estate industry. We are completely independent. This is how we can honestly say that we operate with Integrity. To us, it's not just a's a way of life.

Call us today at 479-886-6600. 

Who Benefits From a Building Inspection


For the home buyer

A home is the largest purchase that most people will ever make. A thorough home inspection is of the utmost importance to a prospective home buyer. The inspection will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge about your new home.  AAHIC will provide you with an understanding of your new home's components and systems as well as home maintenance tips and information to help you protect your investment and feel confident about your home purchase.  Expensive repairs after move in day are something that no one wants to deal with. By having the home inspected before the purchase, any problems discovered can be repaired before moving in and the cost of any needed repairs can be negotiated with the seller.

For the home seller

AA's home inspection offers you a great marketing tool, giving you a competitive advantage over other homes on the market and in turn helping you sell your home faster and at the highest possible price. It provides for full disclosure and gives the buyer greater peace of mind. It may also give you an opportunity to make repairs to your home in advance, helping expedite the sale of your home. Pre-sale home inspections are a wise decision for all home owners. By having a pre-listing inspection performed on your home, you can identify and remedy minor problems that may be major concerns to any prospective buyer. Having your home inspected before you put it on the market insures that it is in top condition and will speed the sale of your home.

For the home owner

Although many homeowners do their own maintenance, problems may arise which go unnoticed until they have advanced to the point of becoming a major expense. We offer a comprehensive inspection to the homeowner, and are happy to provide maintenance suggestions to help avoid expensive home repairs.

For the buyer who is purchasing a new home

We very strongly recommend that any new home being purchased also be inspected. Inspections of new homes reveal faulty materials used in construction or mistakes that may have been made by the builder. Having your new home inspected before you move in allows your builder to remedy any problems noted before you do, which is much more convenient for you.  When we inspect a new home, we offer a complimentary walk through at no additional charge when the home is eleven months old, which can help you identify any problems that may need to be resolved before the builders warranty expires.our company and why they should choose you.