Frequently Asked Questions

All electrical panel covers are removed to ensure proper breaker, grounding, bonding and wire sizes.

How much does a home inspection cost?

The cost of inspecting your home depends on the size and complexity of the home.  The average home up to about 3000 square feet will typically run $300. Just give us a call and give us a few details about the home and we'll  be happy to quote the cost. 

May I Be Present When You Do Your Inspection?

Yes, please!  We encourage homeowners, prospective buyers and realtors to attend when we perform the inspection.  During the inspection, we will take the time to explain any problems that we might find.  It's easier to understand the scope and nature of any problems that may surface if you are there and the inspector can show and explain them to you.  You are not required to attend the inspection, but we encourage you to do so.  We are also happy to provide home maintenance suggestions during the inspection. 

How Long Does It Take To Perform A Home Inspection?

The time required depends on the size, condition and complexity of the property.  Usually the average size home will take about three hours to inspect all of the components, structure and systems. 

What Do You Normally Inspect?

We inspect many aspects of the home, including the exterior of the property, the roof covering, structure, flashing and ventilation, and the exterior siding of the home.  We inspect exterior windows and trim, and exterior walls and doors.  We inspect the garage and garage door, and the exterior air conditioning system and or heating or heat pump system.

In the interior of the home, we inspect the kitchen, laundry/utility room, bathrooms, and each individual room of the house.  We inspect plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical systems, including the main electrical service entry and panel.  We inspect attic, and any basement or crawl space that may be present.  We also inspect the fireplace and chimney, smoke detectors, windows and doors and other miscellaneous items. 

Do You Perform Repairs When You find Problems?

 No, we do not.  We don't feel that it would be ethical for us to perform repairs on home that we have inspected, and we feel it would be a conflict of interest for us to do so.  Our job is to provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of the home.  If repairs are necessary, we will point them out to you and suggest the type of repair service that is needed, such as plumbing, electrical work, or carpentry. 

Other FAQ's

 What Type Of Report Do You Give Us?
Within 24 hours we will provide you with a comprehensive written report which details all of the items that were inspected, and any problems or safety items that may have been discovered during the inspection. 

 Do You Charge For Re-Inspections After Repairs Have Been Made?
Usually we charge a fee for inspecting a house after repairs have been made.  The amount of the fee depends on the complexity of the repairs that were made and time involved in the re-inspection.  The minimum fee is $100

Do You Guarantee Inspections?
No, we can't guarantee that the condition of a home will remain the same after we've inspected it, for the same reason that your doctor can't guarantee the results of your annual physical checkup.  We make every effort to identify any problems with the home at the time of the inspection, but unfortunately we can't guarantee that no problems will surface in the future.  If you are purchasing a home and are concerned about repairs or problems that may arise in the future, we suggest that you speak with your realtor about purchasing a home warranty.